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Risk Management &

Activating an Integrity Program is an opportunity
to improve productivity and profitability.

The Value Proposition

IDONEO is a Software Solution for Organizations that require:

  • CONFIGURE a digital repository of the organization's knowledge, culture and regulations.
  • COMPILE internal policies and external regulations to be complied with.
  • TRAIN, evaluate and socialize this knowledge among the members of the organization.
  • AUTOMATE communication, instruction, testing and auditing of this compliance.
  • INFORM in detail the level of compliance to support the decision.


• CENTRALIZATION of knowledge management
• DISSEMINATION of knowledge to a greater number of actors
• SYSTEMATIZATION of communication, compliance control and evaluation


• Greater control of the information that circulates in the organization.
• Reduction of communication and training costs, with greater precision, agility and effectiveness.
• Prevention of illegal acts and control of risks of legal costs and criminal liability, avoiding reputational contingencies and other associated costs.
• Greater respect for rules and people, ethical and predictable environment, with increased efficiency, certainty and less waste and diversion.

IDONEO promotes both a greater LEGALITY and a greater COMPETITIVENESS of your organization.

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An Intelligent System


System Functionalities


Control Panel

It offers a general view of the organization's performance in terms of expirations, fulfillments, disqualifications, priorities and problems to be solved.


Rules and Regulations

It offers an orderly and structured list of standards and rules to be fulfilled according to their impact, urgency and hierarchy.



It allows to schedule events, announcements, notifications, assignments, trainings and obligations to individuals or groups, with pre-established frequencies or opportunities.



It enables the preparation of forms, evaluation sheets, checklists, surveys or polls, with great agility, simplicity and versatility.

Some examples of use


Specific Compliance Functionalities


Generic Code of Ethics abbreviated and commented online

With links incorporated in the text, to tutorials and other system resources


Decalogue of "Prohibited Practices" 

General reminder by mail, biweekly or monthly of two internships


Self-Assessment Survey, Legal and Ethical Compliance Diagnosis (internal and suppliers)

Integrity Program Inputs


General online survey on compliance risks

Risk Map, input for the Action Plan


Expiration Calendar

Associated legal deadlines with specific reminders


Channel for consultations, complaints and whistleblower protection policy

Form alternatives designed to maximize the chances of collecting critical information


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